About Tøyen Sports Club

Tøyen Sports Club was  founded June 9th 2015 by a group of Tøyen activists that saw the area needed a better activity and sports offering. We wanted to create affordable, non-religious and political independent sports and cultural activities available to everyone and after only six months, we have already about a 1000 members. This makes our goal to get Tøyens 15 000 inhabitants a sports arena even more important.

Through our physical and cultural activities we aim to:

  • Create an even better community and sense of belonging in Tøyen
  • Break down economic, social and cultural barriers for particiapation in both sports and society
  • Be a contributer in increased organizational participation and improving the general health of the population in our part of the city

We want to make Tøyen into the most active area in Oslo. To make this happen, we were dependant on our sports- and cultural Arena. In  August of 2019 we proudly  opened up Tøyen Arena, and are there organizing about 25 different activities for kids and grown ups from the area. Check out the schedule for the arena here or just come by and say hi: Tøyen Arena 

We have also our own young leader trainee program, Tøyenakademiet, where we are teaching local youth on how to participate in political life, volunteer organisations, how you organize events, give them skills to become a trainer in our club and also how to become a young entrepreneur etc. These young talents is already our clubs future and it is looking brighter by the day.  

Go Tøyen! 

The Board 2015-2016

Karianne Hjallen - Chairman, Tøyen inhabitant, IT-entrepreneur Katachi Media
Viktor Gjengaar - vice-chairman Bydelsutvalget i Bydel Gamle Oslo (MDG), Head of  Urban Samtidskunst
Kathrine Engebretsen - board member, jobber på AKS på Tøyen Skole og Aktivitetsskole
Hussein Awad Nur - board member, Tøyen inhabitant, LINK-worker
Sindre Andresen - board member, undervisningsinspektør på AKS, Tøyen Skole og Aktivitetsskole

From the left: Viktor Gjengaar (vice-chairman), Karianne Hjallen (chairman), Kathrine Engebretsen (board member), Sindre Andresen (board member), Hussein Awad Nur (board member)

All the founding mothers and fathers! 

Sign our campaign for Tøyen Arena:
Ja til Tøyen Arena - en flerbrukshall og kulturarena midt i byen 

In the media: 
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Journalen (Oktober 2015) - Skaper en møteplass for Tøyen-folket
Utrop.no (November 2015): Inkluderer med idrett på Tøyen
Osloby (Januar 2016): Starter lederkurs for unge på Tøyen

Tøyen Sportsklubb, Kolstadgata 1, 0652 Oslo Org.nummer: 915703534  Kontonummer: 60120650583 (Nordea). SMS "Grasrotandelen 915703534" til 2020.
Vi skaper vårt eget nabolag - midt i hjertet av Oslo!

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